Change A Tire

How to fix a Flat Tire

Warning, this is a general guideline
Warning, fixing a flat tire can be dangerous if precaution are not taken


Stop the vehicle on a flat, hard surface away from traffic

  • set parking brake
  • shift lever to P (Park)
  • Stop the engine
  • Turn on Hazard blinkers


    Everyone should exit the vehicle


    Place Wheel Blocks if available

  • Wheel blocks must be placed on both sides of the tire at the opposite corner of the tire being changed.
  • position to place wheels blocks


    Locate Tools & Spare Tire

  • click on next step for location of Jack, Wrench and Spare Wheel.
  • location of tools in a vehicle needed to fix a flat tire


    Remove hubcap if lug nuts not visible

  • use wrench to remove hub caps
  • 9.

    Lossen the lug nuts

  • Use Adapter if one lug requires special key
  • Do NOT REMOVE the lug nuts completely
  •  turn anti-clockwise to loosen lug nuts


    Jack Up the Vehicle

  • Position the jack at correct jack points.
  • Click on next step for Jack Hookup locations.
  • jack positioning points on a vehicle


    Raise Vehicle until tire is slightly raised above ground

  • Do not climb under or into vehicle when car is raised
  • 14.

    Remove the flat tire

  • Take lug nuts completely off
  • Remove flat tire with care
  • 15.

    Lift the spare Tire onto lug bolts

  • Be carefull since the tire will be Heavy!
  • 16.

    Replace the lug nuts and lossely tighten each by hand

  • See following image
  • tightening lug nuts with hands


    Finish tightening the Lug nuts thoroughly in the following order

  • see next image
  • order in which to install lug nuts


    Replace hub cap if there is one

  • 22.

    Put back all tools and flat tire in vehicle trunk.

  • Get help from roadside assistance comapnies to fix flat tire